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How to Make Wood Wagon Wheels?
Decorative wood wagon wheels add rustic, country, or western décor to room or landscape. They will look great hung on wall, displayed along your fence or garden, or as an accent to your front porch or terrace.
Traditional wood wheels consist of four parts: hub, spokes, felloe and steel tire. Here we will show you how to make handcrafted wooden wheels.

Step 1: producing of wheel hub
1.1: Cut a wood cylinder from cedar board by miller machine.
1.2: Fillet edges of cylinder and sand surface smooth
1.3: Mill center hole
1.4: Mill blind holes for install spokes on circle of cylinder.
Now the wheel hub is finished producing.
If plan to make a burnt or paint finish wagon wheel, the hub can be burnt or painted at this step.

Step 2: producing of spokes
2.1: Saw the wide wood boards to long square rod
2.2: Chamfer the four edges of square rod to produce an octagon rod.
2.3: If plan to make burnt or paint finish wooden wheels, the spokes can be dealt at this step.
2.4: Sand surface of octagon rod smooth by wire brush
2.5: Cut octagon rod to designed length.

Step 3: producing of felloes
3.1: Saw wood board to felloe shape with right length and radian.
3.2: Mill the surface of felloe components smooth.
3.3: Cut tenon and mortise on two ends of felloe components respectively
3.4: Drill blind holes on felloe component for installation of spokes.
3.5: If plan to make burnt or paint finish wagon wheels, the spokes can be dealt at this step.

Step 4: assembly of wheels
4.1: Glue one end of spoke with hub
4.2: Glue another end of spoke with felloe.
4.3: Hammer the wheel flat with rubber hammer
4.4: Fasten the felloe tight by pneumatic fasten band and the wheel turns round.
4.5: Fix the connect places of felloes by pneumatic nail gun thus it will not loose later.
4.6: Place the wood wheels flat for two days to insure glue dry totally.
4.7: Round the edges of felloe and sand surface smooth

Step 5: install steel tire.
5.1: Set up metal strip
5.2: Fix the metal strip at the centre of felloe
5.3: Nail the steel strip on felloe.

Now a decorative wagon wheel is produced. For natural finish wooden wheels, you could paint them to any color preferred. You can also nail some decorative golden nails on hub and felloe to create a unique appearance.

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