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Garden Raised Tables

Planting in raised garden beds or wooden planting tables are of many benefits, extended growing season, improved soil conditions and drainage, high output, easy access to plants. With raised garden planters, you can grow your own greens in garden, patio, decking or other limited places. Your planting work become easy with friendly working height, you do not need to kneel down to dig. All the planting works are in reach of your hands, you can finish the planting works without moving around, even sitting on chair.
All our raised planters are supplied in flat packing , pre-drilled and pre-assembled, you can finish the assembly work easily.

raised garden beds trough rasied garden planter raised gardening beds
Trough Planter with pot Shelf 48" Trough Container Planter Stand Gardeing Table
raised garden tables elevated garden planters raised garden beds
32" Square Raised Garden Table Square Elevated Trough Planter 36" Square Raised Planter
elevated gardening beds raised balcony planters
Planting Table with end shelves Half Barrel Raised Patio Planter 48"x36" Garden Table
raised garden herb planters garden vegetable planter patio raised planters
32" Stand Garden Planter Shallow container Patio Planter 48"x24" Rectangle Planter
wooden planting tables solid timber raised garden planters elevated gardening beds
Tool free install garden bed Easy install garden bed Pre install garden bed