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Wooden Planter Boxes

Planter boxes show here are burn finishes in trough, oval, barrel and rectangular shapes, they are supplied in small, medium and big sizes together, nested packing and need no any assembly works. With different sizes, you can plant different herbs and flowers conveniently. Reinforced with anti rust metal strips, these planter boxes will not split overtime in open places, you can place them at any desired placed without any worries.
Besides these burnt finish planters, we also supply other style planters such as Lexington planters, Victor planters, Chippendale planters, Wheel herb planters. Custom design planter boxes also welcomed here.

outdoor garden planters

Wooden Planter Box--WPB9204OV
51L x 31W x 21Hcm, 20L x 12W x 8Hinch
45L x 27W x 19Hcm, 18L x 11W x 7.5Hinch
40L x 23W x 17Hcm, 16L x 9W x 7Hinch
32L x 18W x 13.5Hcm, 12.5L x 7W x 5Hinch

garden planter boxes burn finish

Wooden Planter Box--WPB9204RE
50L x 31W x 23Hcm, 20L x 12W x 9H inch
44L x 27W x 20Hcm, 17L x 11W x 8H inch
38L x 23W x 17Hcm, 15L x 9W x 7H inch
32L x 19W x 14Hcm, 13L x 7W x 5H inch


trough wooden planter boxes 3pcs

Wooden Trough Planters--WPB9243TR
40L x 25W x 16Hcm, 16L x 10W x 6Hinch
50L x 34W x 21Hcm, 20L x 13.5W x 8Hinch
60L x 40W x 23Hcm, 24L x 16W x 9Hinch
wooden barrels

Wooden Barrel
WPB910--25D x 40Hcm, 10D x 16Hinch
WPB914--35D x 50Hcm, 14D x 20Hinch
WPB918--45D x 60Hcm, 18D x 24Hinch